These are just a few comments from some of Larry’s professional coaching clients:

I have had the great fortune of being mentored by Larry. He is a clear, driven individual who sees the whole playing field and knows where to direct the plays. He always asks insightful questions designed to get you to think through the problem you may be facing and then as a great sounding board helps you arrive at a solution that works for you. He has a calming effect when he is in the room and provides remarkable vision every time he speaks. I look forward to my continuing relationship with Larry as mentor, coach and friend.

Joe Takai, Managing Director, XYZ Graphics - January 2012

Larry was my Key Executive Group Chair throughout my seven-year tenure in Vistage. He is an astute businessman and an exceptional coach and mentor. He knows when to listen, when to advise and when to challenge. I grew as a leader and an individual under Larry’s coaching. I highly recommend Larry Cassidy.

Kathy Ware, VP R&D and QA, Two Chefs on a Roll - December 2011

Larry was my TEC/(Vistage) Chair throughout my 14-year tenure. I have continued to confer with Larry since leaving TEC. He has excellent insight and the capacity to see through issues to the core, whether they are business or personal. He is effective in advising both tactically and strategically. Larry has provided me with excellent guidance and support over the years I have known and worked with him. I can recommend him without reservation.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Keith Swayne, Former Owner/CEO, Case Swayne Inc - October 2011

Larry is an out-of-the box thinker that challenges his clients to think in a different way as well. Larry is a wonderful person and is passionate about helping people achieve greater results.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Kahni Bizub, Partner, Wright Ford Young CPAs - October 2011

I've known Larry for well over a decade and I consider him to be one of the smartest, most insightful and intuitive business consultant, coach, mentor, board member and facilitator that I have ever met. His keen insight, based on his extensive experience and wisdom, has not only helped me grow our business but has added so much to my personal life. I have known many CEOs and key executives that Larry has worked with and they all share similar accolades. He has a way of getting you to address an issue without ever feeling defensive. One of his methods is to give you 60 seconds to share the issue, challenge or opportunity. Then he takes the information and reframes it based on his experience, your tolerance and helps to guide you into a solution that is workable and makes sense. How he does it is one of the many mysteries of the universe! If anyone ever has any questions about working with Larry, please feel free to contact me.

Dana Borowka, CEO, Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC - October 7, 2011

Larry sees what is relevant, what really matters. He pushes the difficult but key discussions around issues and makes us face the tough issues. He facilitates dialogue while respecting others.

Marie DiSante, Managing Partner, CDF Law - October 2020

I am privileged to have known Larry professionally, and as a friend, for many years. He is the first person I call when I have a dilemma or issue that I need input on. He is a fantastic listener, often pulling helpful things out of what I've said that I didn't even realize I'd said! He is ethical and grounded and without exception has very useful insights into whatever I'm facing at the moment.

Allison Pratt, HR Smart Start - November 2020

How would you describe Larry as a Vistage Chair and coach? Incandescently smart, but comfortable with his intellect. He was born for this role because he has the ability to listen and absorb other people’s issues.

How have you benefited from working with Larry? Where do I begin? I sincerely believe that unbeknownst to the rest of my shareholders, Larry Cassidy’s wisdom and coaching was the primary driver to a successful sale and exit for our business. Is that enough? He also saved my relationship with my son, and fundamentally changed my approach to relating with business colleagues for the better.

Why and how would you recommend Larry to a friend or associate? This man may not stand tall and stride purposefully around the room, but he absorbs your flaws, processes them and turns them into hard truths for you to take back to your corner office and humbly consider. He will hold you accountable, he will drive you on, he will see what others don’t, and tell what others won’t.

Simon Turner, Former Co-CEO, Health Buildings - November 2020

Larry Cassidy has the kind of wealth in experience that when he speaks his voice is deeply inspirational. The personal guidance from Larry in my becoming a better CEO and now as Chairman has been exceptional. Larry is very open and direct, and his motives are always in your best interest. He has helped me open my eyes greater to areas of change that have been needed and he is always spot on. Larry has a great quality in opening up conversation in subjects that have proven to be deeply relevant. Larry has become a dear friend and mentor and I attribute much of my success to his coaching.

Michael Donner, Owner, Barco Uniforms - October 2020

Larry is the epitome of a Coach. He is your biggest cheerleader, your toughest critic, the most inspiring, the challenging and the most caring person all in one. His real talent is not his wisdom or his experience but his incredible timing and selection of what you need most at that given time. That is why I feel he is an amazing Coach. I have gained from his leadership and he has made me a better person. He has softened my edges over the last 20 years, and he has also sharpened my skills as a leader of my company. I know my company and I would not be what we are today without his leadership and friendship.

Donnie Hill, President, Alexander’s Mobility Services - October 2020

I have been working with Larry going on 20 years. He has provided me with insight and wisdom every step of the way. What I appreciate about Larry is that he has been helpful both personally and professionally. In both aspects of my life, Larry has asked tough questions and guided me down a path, enabling me to think two steps ahead. As a young entrepreneur Larry’s guidance proved to be invaluable. Today, he is like a safety bumper there for me when I veer a little off-center. I have enjoyed the friendship and relationship with Larry immensely. I feel very lucky to have him on my support team.

Davey Glantz. Co-Owner, N./ Glantz - November 2020